Agenda and Sessions


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Thursday, December 7th

All sessions will be in Lerner Auditorium.  Registration for audience is here.



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Welcoming Remarks

David Madigan; Executive Vice President and Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Statistics



SESSION 1: Financial Market Reform

If ‘It’ Happened Again: A Roadmap for Regulatory Reform—Glenn Hubbard; Dean, Columbia Business School and Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics, Columbia University

Discussant: Katharina Pistor; Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law, Columbia Law School



SEssion 2: Trends in Financial Market Regulation

 Delegation and the Regulation of Finance in the United States since 1950—Sharyn O'Halloran & Thomas Groll & Geraldine McAllister; School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

We Did Not Repeat the Error of the Past—Lessons from the Fed Policy during the Great Depression. Antoine Parent; Professor of Economics, Sciences Po Lyon and LAET CNRS

Regulation and Competition in the European Financial Sector—Pierre-Charles Pradier; University Lecturer, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Discussant: Nolan McCarty; Susan Dod Brown Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Coffee Break



Session 3: Fit for Purpose: Creating the Right Incentives?

Bank Boards: What has Changed since the Financial Crisis?—Shivaram Rajgopal; Vice Dean of Research, Columbia Business School and Kester and Byrnes Professor of Accounting and Auditing, Columbia University

Banks and Tax Havens: First Evidence based on Country-by-Country Reporting—Gunther Capelle-Blancard; Professor of Economics, University Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne

Discussants: Fred Marcusa; Managing Director, Marcusa Global Advisors & Howard Rosenthal; Professor of Politics, New York University



Keynote by Joseph Stiglitz

University Professor, Columbia University


SESSION 4: Use and Abuse of Financial Models and Instruments for Stabilizing the Global Economy

Right Way to Use Financial Models —Emanuel Derman; Director of the MS Program in Financial Engineering, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University

The Instability of the Information Economy—Eli Noam; Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility, Columbia Business School

The FSOC’s Off-Ramp for the Systemically Important Financial Firm—Jeffrey Gordon; Richard Paul Richman Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Discussant: Mark Flood; Research Principal, Office of Financial Research, United States Department of the Treasury


Faculty Room in Low Memorial Library
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Reception and Keynote by Jacob Lew

Progress and Challenges Ten Years after the Financial Crisis—Jacob Lew; Former United States Secretary of the Treasury

Friday, December 8th

All sessions will be in Faculty House. Registration for audience is here.






SESSION 5: Interview With William Winters

Lessons Learned? Striking the Right Balance between Markets and Regulation—William T. Winters, CBE; CEO, Standard Chartered

Moderator: Ailsa Roell; Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University



SESSION 6: Future Risks - The Origins of the Next Financial Crisis

How to Regulate in Times of Crisis—Stephen M. Cutler; Vice Chairman, JPMorgan Chase

More or Less Regulation Isn’t the Question; It’s Getting it Right —Barney Frank; Former Chairman, House Financial Services Committee, United States House of Representatives

Global Financial Crises and Regulatory Cycles—John C. Coffee Jr.; Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Moderator: Kathryn Judge, Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Coffee Break


Session 7: Future Risks - Regulating for Systemic Risk

Containing Systemic Risk by Taxing Banks Properly—Mark J. Roe; David Berg Professor of Law, Harvard Law School & Michael Troege; Professor of Finance, ESCP Europe

Money Market Funds a Decade after the Onset of the Crisis —Viktoria Baklanova; Acting Associate Director, Office of Financial Research, United States Department of the Treasury & Joseph Tanega; Professor of International Financial Law, University of Westminster

The Collateral Rule: An Empirical Analysis of the CDS Market— Agostino Capponi; Assistant Professor, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University

Discussant: Shyam Sunder; James L. Frank Professor of Accounting, Economics, and Finance at the Yale School of Management and Professor in the Department of Economics, Yale University